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i've always thought of you being like oldschool hero height, like fuckin 8 or 9 feet tbh


can we talk feminism a sec? In general feminist propaganda erases non-binary and trans people and otherwise irks me. But sometimes there's a point made that still rings true. Sometimes I remember male-privilege trumps every human not read as male. sometimes i am angry enough at the inequalities, that I get sort of supportive like "you there feminism post, you are troublesome, but you are a tiny step into a better direction" Do you have any views, opinions, resources, suggestions on the matter?
~ Anonymous

I understand where you’re coming from here. I’m gonna go personal with my response to this.

don’t accept it. don’t accept problematic and shitty posts just because they’re near the ballpark of the right idea. as a nonbinary feminist, I deserve way fucking better than what mainstream feminism has to offer me with its cissexist and binarist points of view. refuse to accept feminism that dismisses you and throws you under the bus or ignores your existence altogether because that’s not progress. that’s progress for a single group, a group that is already privileged in certain areas (cis woman with cis privilege, for example, and with mainstream feminism, that generally also means able-bodied, neurotypical, white privilege as well). advancements for them is not advancements for all of us. don’t let them tell you that you don’t deserve to be included because “we’re making progress for some of us right now! that should be good enough for you! stop bringing us down!”. that kind of feminism is NOT helping you, it’s not helping me, it’s not helping the people that NEED FEMINISM MOST. so that’s not the feminism you should accept.

I like all kinds of people I think I might be pansexual. But not in real life. I can think of people this way or that way and I know it would be nice, but real people out of my head I just cant. Ive been in long term realtionships with guys and girls and now Im trying tobe by myself, but I think about the actual possibility of me being with someone again and I think that Will Never Happen. The thing is idk if it is because i am disapointed on people or i just dont like them anymore. Thanks!
~ Anonymous

hey, baby. <3 so, it’s entirely possible for you to be pansexual/panromantic and not currently be interested in being in a relationship with someone. if you feel it’s best you be with just yourself right now, then that’s what best for you, and you can still call yourself pan if you feel comfortable doing that! what you’re feeling is completely valid and normal. if you don’t like people anymore because you’re disappointed in them, that’s an entirely valid and okay reason to do so, and you don’t need to be currently interested in people to still call yourself pansexual. you don’t ever have to attempt to be in a relationship with anyone ever again and you can still call yourself pansexual! it’s up to you, love. <3 and best of luck to you. 

Hi Phoenix! Just wondering about the change in your identity. I'm interested because I'm questioning my own gender, and if you don't want to answer that's okay!! But why the change from a gender to genderfluid? What did that feel like I guess? Thanks!
~ Anonymous

hi babe. it’s kind of hard to describe what it felt like. my gender changes pretty often; I don’t really feel much permanence in my gender identities, like they’re going to be different when I wake up the next day or week or who knows! so genderfluid just feels easiest and best to encompass the flow between identity that I feel every day. <3


For those who don’t know, positronicwoman is one of the kindest, most generous, and supportive women I have ever known. She has helped me through so much in the years I’ve known her, and has grown to become one of my closest friends even though I’ve never had the good fortune to meet her in-person.

She has helped me realise who I am, helped pull me out of the deepest pits of depression I’ve gone through, and has even sent gifts to show how much of a friend she is and how she’s always there for me no matter what. And I know for a fact that she has helped, supported, loved, and cared for many others, also introducing us all together and inadvertently creating an incredibly tight-knit community of close friends.

Right now she is suffering through incredibly tough times. She has had to run away across the United States, from Michigan to Seattle, to escape her father, but after a year of stable living she is now facing homelessness or moving in with a person known to be abusive, who was the only person able to offer her a room. What she needs right now is a place to stay, with other transgender/queer femme people in the area that she can feel safe with. That doesn’t mean money won’t help though.

I am asking all of my followers and any of your own who reblog this, please help. Please at least share this if you can’t contribute yourself. I’ve set up this page myself, with the goal only being a soft cap and more of a general idea of what might be able to support her for some time. So even five dollars will mean a lot. 

Please help a young trans woman survive in this day and age.

She means so much to so many people and the world wouldn’t be the same without her.

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I feel like this is a good opportunity to point out that if you notice I’m in mutuals with/am reblogging from someone’s who’s abusive to you then please please please tell me so I can stop doing that

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Today’s Gender of the Day is: That plastic bag in your home that is filled with other plastic bags 

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being nb = cool, the best, incredible

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i feel kinda mean because today i sent a text to Phoenix saying “bby i can make you cry by saying one sentence: ‘the live action dragonball movie’ SHAAALAAAA! HEY SHALA!”