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U.S. boxing legend Muhammad Ali (top) smiles as he stands behind his Daughter Laila Ali, after her super-middleweight fight against Asa Sandell of Sweden in Berlin December 17, 2005

Black Excellence.

black father daughter excellence

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whats wrong, princess
~ Anonymous

I’m not a damn princess. I neither support monarchy nor am I a damn woman.


They will NOT leave until justice is served.

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too sick to walk to the clinic, too poor to pay for the hospital


psychosis support group!!!!

psychosis support group is supposed to help individuals who experience some form of psychosis meet other individuals who they can talk to and relate to as a form of nonviolent communication therapy. 

apply here: ———-


  1. have some experience with psychosis
  2. follow other members of the group 
  3. pick out a pixel that represents you
  4. must meet certain requirements (supporting all members, respect identities, etc.)
  5. be willing to give me your skype username
  6. no harrassment of any kind! (warnings will be issued)
  7. just be nice to everyone and open to new ideas!
  8. please reblog if you plan on applying!
  9. applications no longer accepted after 9/3/14

i look forward to meeting everyone!!! :+)

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Attention girls in Spartanburg South Carolina


I am a pre-hrt trans girl with a toxic living situation. Next year I’ll be turning 18, and my that time I should have a job if everything goes as planned. I don’t have any allergies, or really anything else prohibiting me. I am able-bodied and, as far as I can tell, neurotypical. Please message me if you’re in a situation where I could live with you.

Also, if everyone could signal boost, that would really be appreciated.

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