Nearly every criminal case reviewed by the FBI and the Justice Department as part of a massive investigation started in 2012 of problems at the FBI lab has included flawed forensic testimony from the agency, government officials said.

The findings troubled the bureau, and it stopped the review of convictions last August. Case reviews resumed this month at the order of the Justice Department, the officials said.


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I hate cops. I don’t trust cops.

I don’t care if you’re uncle is a cop.

Fuck your uncle, I hate him too.

❝Since capital is always doing well somewhere, the illusion arises that all will be well everywhere if we only readjust the form of capital to that predominant in Japan and West Germany (the 1980s), the United States (the 1990s) or China (after 2000). Capital never has to address its systemic failings because it moves them around geographically.


David Harvey, Seventeen contradictions and the End of Capitalism: Uneven Geographical Developments and the Production of Space. p154

Emphasis mine.

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Leonardo DiCaprio photographed by David LaChapelle for The Face, 1995

Shawn I want you to know that I have had this pic saved onto my computer as “robot Shawn” for a long time

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50 shades of Dorian Gray

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how are you feeling?

well I had to go to an emergency clinic a few days ago and I tested positive for the flu which ???? in the middle of July wtf. I took the tamiflu and was doing better until I woke up this morning and threw up and I can barely breathe and such /: ah well, no time to focus on that, I have to stress about money and school and finding a place to live and just

a little stressed out, basically, and not breathing too well ahah. but I’ll be okay, I’ll get it all figured out somehow and should be feeling better soon <3

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My cat is sleeping next to me, on my bed, in a ball. And she just twitched in her sleep and it was the cutest thing ever. For some reason I just felt like you should know this... xo

omg awwww. my cat does these intense sneezes in her sleep and it’s the cutest thing in the entire world. :x

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What's genderpunk?

it varies from person to person. I recommend scrolling thru the genderpunk tag to get an idea.