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My kind of clothing.

if they had this in red or black, i’d wear it.

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is now a bad time to talk about how sex trafficking exploded in eastern europe after the collapse of the USSR since a huge amount of women were instantly out of food/shelter/work or is that inconvenient for liberal feminism

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Today’s Gender of the day is: Trashed by a lady cyclist, who is noted for her athletic powers.

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I like big boats, I cannot lie.


I polled my followers to see their favorite Bioware companions, and who they would like me to do next.  

I’ve already done the winner, Morrigan, and here is 2nd place (1st in my heart) Isabela! It’s transparent too, because I like the shape of her hair.

Thank you all for sticking with me :) 

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At this point I owe a total of $3,457 dollars in medical bills from my forced institutionalization. I’m still waiting I more bills to come in before I make a master post, but any donations help folks could do right now would be amazing.

also this is due on November 2nd fuck 

Please help her out!

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