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people: what do you want for your birthday
14 year old me: video games!
20 year old me: socks, groceries, and a clearly defined goal in my life

I came out of my apartment today and my neighbor, who I had never met before, walked up to me and was like “yo I know I don’t know you but… would you like some edibles?” and took me into their apartment and gave me these edible gummies and I’ve been stoned since then like thanks random stranger


um, excuse me, we HAVE to assign this baby a gender. how else will we know what color blanket to give it? do you just want babies to be cold and blanketless? do you hate babies and want them to suffer? stop forcing your politics on an innocent baby

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me: I think I left my scale inside a sock
alastair: aren't all scales inside socks when you think about it
me: uh no
alastair: the sock of life


I bought this sweater from Grinnell and it’s so comfy also I’m cute

babe stop being so gorgeous like literally wtf ???????????????

queernuck replied to your post: birthday beers, lines of good coke, an…

1. what kinda beer 2. what anime 3. uuugh I haven’t had coke in months I could go for some lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

1. Revolver Bock and Lakewood 2. trigun <3! 3. COME HERE LEMME TREAT YOU WITH COKE